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Water maybe a symbol for purity, but getting water as pure as you want is not easy. That is why so many companies turn to GCARBON for the most effective activated carbon water purification solutions. Renowned for high quality products, GCARBON continues to support many of the largest names in water purification across the globe, supplying carbon that respond consistently above expectations for a wide array of applications in water treatment, ranging from dechlorination and organics removal for influent water applications to the removal of phenolic compounds, oils, and toxic materials from effluent wastewater steams of both domestic and industrial clientele.


Acid gases are produced in a variety of chemical processes. These gases are pollutants, so exhaust from such processes must be purified of them before release. Examples of applications vary from high-tech industrial or military control centers, where airborne contaminants could damage sensitive electronic circuits, to museums and archives where stored material, often of great or incalculable value, must be protected from destructive acidic agents.


GCARBON is one of the pioneering suppliers of activated carbon to the gold mining industry when the industry switched to this method from the traditional and highly polluting chemical extraction process in the 1970s. Today's gold mining operations optimize efficiency and output through the use of superior GCARBON gold recovery carbon technology. The intrinsic hardness, high density, particle to particle consistency in activity and very low platelet and soft particle content of our activated carbons has led to its superior performance in the gold recovery process. GCARBON is the premium product available in the market due to its superior performance in terms of providing the highest gold adsorption capacity (K value) and rate of adsorption (R value).


GCARBON's activated carbon is used in a variety of processes by the petroleum and gas industry. The range covers condensate water purification, natural gas purification and the filtration of pollutants (such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, volatile organic compounds and heavy metals) released during by-product refining and the combustion of fossil fuels.

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