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  • Analyze Water: GCARBON can analyze water samples from your plant to determine the need for carbon treatment or to ascertain the quality of the water after treatment.
  • Feasibility Testing. GCARBON can evaluate a sample through laboratory tests to establish the feasibility of granular carbon treatment.
  • Recommend The Preferred Carbon Treatment Approach: GCARBON will recommend the carbon treatment alternative which will enable you to most cost effectively meet present needs and anticipated future needs. This will include an evaluation of both carbon system and carbon use options (disposal or regeneration options).
  • Evaluate Existing Carbon Systems. If you have an existing carbon treatment system, GCARBON will evaluate its ability to meet present needs and determine what improvements are required to meet future needs.


The application of adsorption through the use of a granular activated carbon adsorption system is a well-known and proven treatment technique in treating drinking water, wastewater, process liquids and fluids, and groundwater treatments throughout the world. Capital expenditures have been made in the purchase of adsorption systems which have become important, integral parts of Municipal and Industrial operating permits. The reliability and operational status of these adsorption systems is a critical issue which must be addressed through a pro-active maintenance program to maximize system life. At the same time, internal operating budgets are continually under pressure for reductions and economies. These two trends are usually in opposition to each other. New and improved maintenance programs are continuously sought which will insure system reliability at reduced maintenance expenditures.


The GCARBON Maintenance Service Programs can answer the needs above for all adsorption system owners. Through the use of the industry maintenance experts at GCARBON, national purchasing, economics of scale and proven techniques, we can inspect and maintain your adsorption systems ensuring the highest operational status with budgeted, low-cost maintenance fees. GCARBON has extensive experience over the last 10 years in maintaining our Service Systems throughout India. We can now apply this experience to all granular carbon adsorption systems whether designed and built by GCARBON or others. Through the use of the GCARBON Preventative Maintenance Programs, you can put these experts to work on your adsorption system for a simple, budgeted monthly fee. System reliability life is maximized while operating costs are minimized.

Additionally, by subscribing to these maintenance services, you also gain access to other GCARBON services:

  • Reactivated or virgin carbon supply
  • Back-up adsorption equipment inventory
  • Emergency response services and equipment
  • Spare parts availability
  • Technical support for adsorption applications
  • Safe reactivation service eliminating liabilities


The GCARBON Preventative Maintenance Program is a two-step process:

First, for a single fixed fee, GCARBON will perform a preventative maintenance inspection. This inspection will provide a written report on the operational status and physical condition of your adsorption system. This inspection is performed during a granular carbon exchange so that both an external and internal assessment can be made. In addition to the physical status of the adsorption system, system operating manuals, operator training, and carbon exchange procedures will also be thoroughly reviewed. A final report will document the findings as well as provide written recommendations for changes in equipment and procedures, or in training that will be necessary. The inspection carried out by our industry experts is an effective management tool for assessing system status and for diagnosing problem areas that need specific attention. The inspection will also establish the monthly service fees that will be used in the maintenance program.

The second part of the Preventive Maintenance Program is the on-going equipment maintenance services performed by GCARBON's own industry experts. These fully trained and accredited technicians, through broad experience base, will assure reliable system performance at reduced maintenance costs. This budgeted monthly fee covers labor, parts, repairs or replacements for the critical components in your adsorption system. The guaranteed maintenance would include repair or replacement of the following major components:

  • Annual on-going inspections
  • Lining repairs or replacements
  • Under drain nozzle replacements
  • Under drain nozzle piping and supports
  • Valve repairs or replacement
  • Painting
  • Spool piece
  • Rupture disc piping
  • Sight glass
  • Gasket/packing replacements
  • Vessel distributing piping
  • Maintenance reports
  • Spare parts lists

These contracted on-going maintenance services can be done on a monthly fee, a total service basis, or on a time and materials basis.

Through this multi-year contractual year agreement, the maximum subscriber benefits are realized. The value propositions that GCARBON brings are rapidly seen in your enhanced plant operations, maximized system reliability, reduced maintenance costs, and extended system life.


  • Extended system life
  • Maximum system reliability
  • Reduction of owner's maintenance costs
  • Guaranteed maintenance
  • Reduction of owner's manpower
  • Budgeted, known maintenance costs
  • Utilization of industry maintenance experts
  • Access to reactivated carbon supply
  • Access to back-up equipment inventory
  • Spare parts availability
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